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Newsletter: Get in the Air

(Volume 1, Issue 30)

Quote of the week

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned.” -- (attributed to) Gautama Buddha

"Gratitude is taking stock of these very people that have built the terrain you stand on now, and being thankful that they’ve lifted you to this beautiful place."

-- Lawrence Yeo, More to That


Three recent articles

1. Just because an idea has tried before doesn't mean it's not worthy of your trying. This Reddit post by a creative writer shows that by your executing an idea in your own voice, with your own perspective, and your own vision makes the idea unique. Many similar ideas with a twist can be successful in their own right. (h/t Claudia Dawson)

2. John Mauldin, an economic analyst who runs Mauldin Economics, has consistently warned that today's monetary, fiscal and debt environment is leading toward a Great Reset. His thoughts mirror Ray Dalio's business and credit cycle template. Mauldin explains in the Great Reset how research by zoologist, Peter Turchin from University of Connecticut, on elitist populations gives clues when the turning point might materialize.

3. Continuing the theme from last week's newsletter (The Most Important Skill), David Perrell writes knowledge workers can take a systematic approach to learning like an athlete: Set a vision, create a workplan, take small steps, reflect with a coach and repeat. Lebron James didn't always have big calves and bulging biceps.


Topic of the week: Get in the Air

Tom Goodwin, an innovation consultant, uses airborne flight as an analogy for keeping perspective on long-term endeavors:

Taking the first step or "getting into the air" matters more than having the perfect direction at the start. In the beginning any progress and learning is better than the having the perfect starting steps. Perfection is the enemy of progress. This is a useful mental framework to keep in mind when taking on personally or professionally consequential endeavors.

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