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Newsletter: Reading

(Volume 2, Issue 2)

Quote of the week

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."

-- Victor Frankl


Three recent articles

1. Lawrence Yeo discusses a common problem: Lazy Thought. "Lazy thought" is accepting an answer because it is convenient and safe and hard to continue questioning. It takes work to proactively challenge beliefs, but not doing so is a disservice to continued growth and improvement.

2. Ranjay Gulati, Harvard Business School professor, compares the difference between management and leadership in Structure That's Not Stifling. Managers use the "Strategy-Structure-Systems" approach, centralizing controls. Leaders use the "Principles-Priorities-Capabilities" approach, decentralizing controls. The challenge is cultivating a continuous learning culture to limit the fragility within the freedom based leader framework (example: Netflix).

3. Morgan Housel reminds that the secret to achievement is to be The Last One Standing. Since outstanding results come from leveraging time and continuous improvement (i.e. compounding), it is imperative to avoid interruptions. Interruptions result from taking on too much risk, complexity, going to fast, changing strategies.


Topic of the week: Reading

Charlie Munger famously said in 2015 "In my whole life, I have known no wise people (over a broad subject matter area) who didn't read all the time – none, zero." Each year I like to put together a roadmap for reading throughout the year and leave it to serendipity to discover new titles to add along the way. Sharing my 2021 reading list for your enjoyment and sharing insights throughout the upcoming year.

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