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Newsletter: Change in mindset

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

(Volume 1, Issue 11)

Topic of the week: From Finance to Value

Defining moments bring about epiphanies that can change a person's future career. For finance professionals a defining moment can be a conversation, difficult project, external event that causes a lasting change in perspective about one's purpose.

This article published on Related Perspectives, describes the transition of finance professionals defined as Finance Functional Leaders to those defined as Value Leaders. The transition is marked by a change in mindset:

  • Finance Functional Leaders are specialists who optimize their role to deliver the daily needs and expectations of the finance function.

  • Value Leaders are strategists who leverage functional expertise to solve problems across the enterprise that unlock untapped growth and profit potential or eliminate hidden risks.

The article describes the practical framework above and gives three examples of how Value Leaders operate relative to Finance Functional Leaders.


Quote of the week

"Either philosophers should become kings, or those now called kings should truly and sufficiently undertake philosophy." - Plato


Three recent articles

1. Where are today's markets in context of history? J.P. Morgan publishes an extensive document of data and charts giving perspective on today's market volatility and asset prices in the context of history.

2. Ten tips from a clinical psychologists, Nick Wignall, on managing Coronavirus anxiety.

3. Passive aggressiveness is one thing, weaponized silence is another writes Lawrence Yeo. Silence can be golden but it can also be dangerous.

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