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Newsletter: Value shopping for healthcare

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

(Volume 1, Issue 7)

Topic of the week: Value shopping for healthcare

The United States is also an outlier when it comes to healthcare. Costs are higher than what other countries pay for the given outcomes. This comparison of global health expenditure vs life expectancy shows how the United States spends more for a lower life expectancy compared to other countries. So what can a "value shopper for healthcare" do in this environment to avoid falling in this trap?

David Contorno, an expert in managing healthcare spending for corporations, shares a personal example of how he carefully navigated his care journey to buy high quality, reasonable healthcare for his hernia condition. His is a common sense, data-driven approach to avoid falling in the high cost, low value trap.


Quote of the week

“In the long-run everything is a toaster.”

— Bruce Greenwald


Three recent articles

1. Frank Martin, founder of Martin Capital Management, digs beneath recent economic performance to highlight the risks of an economy performing at 90% of potential (Tracking the 90% Economy).

2. Marc Rubinstein's blog post Inside the Mind of Jamie Dimon is an insightful look at Mr. Dimon's mental model, summarized in this sketch.

3. Remo Uherek who is based in Switzerland writes a blog post about 10 insights from Jim Collins which especial

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